Bruno Angelini was born
in Marseille in 1965.

He studied piano at the Aulnay sous bois Music conservatory and then at the Marseille jazz conservatory in the classes of Guy Longnon .
In 1989 Bruno reverts to his classical roots initially delving into Debussy, Bartok and Messiaen and subsequently enrolls in the practical improvisation courses at the CIM in Paris under the aegis of Sammy Abenaim.
During that time he plays in many orchestras and becomes the recipient of special jazz awards such as "Prix de la défense 1995 " .
Since that period he played with many great musicians as : Kenny Wheeler, Riccardo Del Fra , Ichiro Onoe, Reggie Workman ,Andrew Cyrille ,Ramon Lopez ,Giovanni Falzone, Francesco Bearzatti, Thierry Peala, Joe Fonda, Sebastien Texier ,Christophe Marguet, Jean-Jacques Avenel, John Betch , Norma Winstone, Jean-Philippe Viret, Gérard Lesne , Jean-Charles Richard , Mauro Gargano , Fabrice Moreau, Régis Huby, Claude Tchamitchian, Jean-Luc Cappozo, Edward Perraud , Joe Rosenberg, Jason Palmer, Marc Ducret, Michele Rabbia …
He plays now in many project as :
His own quartet "Instant sharings" with Régis Huby, Claude Tchamitchian et Edward Perraud , ; « if duo » with Giovanni Falzone ,"Climax" lead by Pierre Badaroux, "Pessoa etc... with Marie Foessel", « Move is » feat Thierry Peala and Francesco Bearzatti , «Spiral quartet »lead by Philippe Poussard , Laurent Stoutzer « Praxis », trio « Angelini/Fonda/Lopez », the new Regis Huby 's quartet "Equal crossing" with Marc Ducret and Michele Rabbia… and plays also a solo program devoted to the Sergio Leone's movies "Leone Alone".
He works regulary with labels as « abalone Productions » , " Rethink-art ", « Sans bruit » , "La buissonne", "Illusions"
He has been teaching since 1996 at the " Bill Evans Piano Academy".

Selected discography :

Innertraces (T.Peala,K.Wheeler) Naive 2000;

Empreintes (R. Del Fra,I .Onoe) Sketch2003;

Never alone (solo) Minium 2006;

Songs vol1 (If duo , G.Falzone)Syntonie2007;

New York city sessions (J.Fonda,R.Lopez)Sans bruit 2007;

Christophe Marguet Itrane,Chant du monde, AbaloneProductions 2008;

So Now?...(M.Gargano,F.Moreau) Sans bruit 2009 ;

Sweet Raws Suite etc...(S.Texier,R.Lopez) Abalone productions 2010;

Move is (T. Peala, F.Bearzatti)Rethink- art records 2010;

Songs vol2(G.Falzone)Abalone productions 2012 ;

Sébastien Texier Toxic Parasites,Cristal records 2013.

Joe Rosenberg Resolution Quark records 2014

Instant sharings La Buissonne 2015

Traduction Gilbert Mathieu